Energy Federation Privacy Notice


Cookies and IP addresses are used to record sessions on our Web sites. The contact information you provide in conjunction with orders placed through will be used as it relates to your order. We email customers order confirmations, and sometimes need to contact customers relating to backordered product or undeliverable packages, but customer information is treated confidentially.



EFI's web servers are hosted in a secure data center with 24 hour physical surveillance as well as electronic intruder detection monitoring. Both EFI's corporate domain ( and EFI's e-commerce domain ( are Secure Sockets Layer-enabled servers using 256-bit encryption. EFI's e-commerce domain further undergoes rigorous security checks each day.



Energy Federation does not provide customer information to unaffiliated third parties for their own independent purposes. EFI does have relationships with other companies and organizations ("affiliated third-parties"), such as strategic marketing communications firms that focus on energy and the environment; and electric and gas utilities, for which we operate a range of programs for their customers, including the provision of co-branded online stores and/or promotion code offers. EFI does report order activity from these initiatives to these affiliated third-parties, but only information related to orders originating from those affiliated third-party initiatives is shared. EFI has signed non-disclosure agreements (NDA) in place with many of these clients, but as a matter of course EFI adheres to the principals of NDAs with all client programs. Other affiliated third-parties would include companies that facility the processing of orders, such as credit card processing banks, and we require that those vendors maintain equivalent high standards of conduct relating to customer privacy. Affiliated organizations and companies, however, may have confidentiality and privacy policies different than EFI's. For instance, affiliated third-parties may elect to use information related to the co-branded online store that EFI offers for their benefit or a promotion code offer to promote other programs. Customers would know if their transaction were through an affiliated third-party if the promotion code were provided by an organization or company other than EFI, or if the online store included branding from an organization or company other than just EFI's. For EFI's own online customers, we do not sell our customer lists to other companies, we do not send unsolicited e-mails, we do not telemarket, and we do not obtain or share information relating to other programs operated by EFI, either internally or externally.



All employees undergo a background check prior to hiring. Access to customer information is limited to employees with a business reason to view the information. All EFI employees are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of customer information.



Customers who have questions about the privacy of their information are encouraged to contact us.


Energy Federation - 40 Washington Street - Westborough, MA - 508-870-2277 - 800-876-0660

To order through this online catalog you must be a residential electric customer of Dominion Energy South Carolina, with a delivery address within the zip codes served by Dominion Energy South Carolina. You will need your residential electric utility account number to complete your order. Purchase Limit: 15 bulbs, 2 Advanced Power Strips and 2 Smart Lighting products per year from date of purchase.