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Welcome to The GEOSmart Online Energy Store

Here you will find the latest energy efficiency and resource conservation products for your home that will enable you to minimize your energy and water consumption. By replacing the non-efficient products in your home with efficient products such as the items found on this website, you can reduce your monthly utility bills and help make a positive impact on the environment.

The GEOSmart Online Energy Store is your one stop shop for energy efficiency and resource conservation products. Not only will you find competitive prices and detailed product information, but the large product selection and superior customer service are two reasons we know you will enjoy your shopping experience. All of your in stock purchases will ship within 1 business day of receipt.

Where to Start?
  • Install low-mercury compact fluorescent light bulbs. Replacing a 100 watt in candescent light bulb with a 23 watt compact fluorescent bulb will save 141 kWh of electricity annually, and can reduce associated carbon dioxide emission by 188 pounds (based on 5 hours per day use and 1.34 lbs CO2/kwh)

  • Replace your current showerhead with a real water-saving showerhead. Commonly available 2.5 gpm “water-saving” showerheads aren’t really water-saving, since this flow-rate is probably what you already have. Putting in a 1.5 gpm showerhead, however, will reduce your water use by 3,650 gallons a year (assuming a 10 minute daily shower)

  • When you turn off electronics, really turn them off. Many electronic devices consume power all the time, such as monitors, printers, DVD players, and other home office and home entertainment equipment. A smart powerstrip will ensure that these devices are not only protected against surges, but when the main item is turned off, power is also cut to all the related items.


Using more efficient products is one way each of us can make a difference, and this online store makes it easy.


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Feit 7w Flame Tip

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An EFI store for the customers of
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