This store is exclusively for Ameren Illinois non-residential electric customers, with order delivery restricted to Ameren Illinois service territory. The net product prices reflect distributor discounts as well as product rebates from Ameren Illinois. Free shipping is offered. There is a purchase limit of 100 rebated CFLs, 20 rebated LEDs, 10 rebated exit signs, and 10 rebated controls per account per year. When you place an order you will be asked to enter your Ameren Illinois electric utility account number.
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This Act On Energy/EFI store is exclusively for the DS-2, DS-3, and DS-4 non-residential customers of the Ameren Illinois, with order delivery restricted to the Ameren Illinois service territory. Distributor discounts and product rebates from the Ameren Illinois have already been applied to the net product prices shown here.

Ameren Illinois is offering several unique programs to help customers use less and spend less on energy. Through this EFI online store, you may order select energy-efficient light bulbs, upgrade your exit sign lighting to energy-efficient and reliable LEDs, and add occupancy-sensing light switches in offices and small conference rooms.

Although the purchase price of CFLs is slightly higher than for incandescent bulbs, the real cost of a light bulb is not what it costs to buy, but what it costs to use. Since CFLs use two-thirds less electricity than incandescent bulbs to produce the same amount of light, your electricity savings will easily exceed the purchase price difference. And with the discounts now available, it will cost you even less to start using less and spending less on energy!

For information about other Ameren Illinois programs, click the respective links below. New programs and offers will be introduced periodically, so visit often!






Products purchased through this online store may not be resold, and must be installed at the Ameren Illinois service address associated with the account within 60 days of receipt.

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