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LED Light Bulbs

The products offered through this section of this online store do not have utility-sponsored incentives incorporated into the purchase price, but there are no purchase limits associated with these purchases.

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  1. MaxLite 15w 27K A21

    MaxLite 15w 27K A21

    Brightness (Lumens) 1600

    Your Price: $6.99
    N2010.305 Learn More
  2. MaxLite 6w 27K A19

    MaxLite 6w 27K A19

    Brightness (Lumens) 480

    Your Price: $2.99
    N2010.302 Learn More
  3. Philips 10w 27K BR40

    Philips 10w 27K BR40

    Brightness (Lumens) 650

    Your Price: $6.95
    N2040.201 Learn More
  4. N1100.1556

    Philips 14w 27K A19

    Brightness (Lumens) 1100

    Your Price: $7.99
    N1100.1556 Learn More
  5. Philips 18w 27K 3-Way A21

    Philips 18w 27K 3-Way

    Brightness (Lumens) 1600

    Your Price: $9.49
    N2010.201 Learn More
  6. Philips 18w 27K A19

    Philips 18w 27K A19

    Brightness (Lumens) 1600

    Your Price: $9.79
    N1100.1557 Learn More
  7. N2030.202

    Philips 4.5w 27K B12 Candle

    Brightness (Lumens) 300

    Your Price: $3.95
  8. N1100.8285

    Philips 9.5w 27K A19

    Brightness (Lumens) 800

    Your Price: $5.29
    N1100.8285 Learn More
  9. N2040.103

    TCP 14w 27K BR40

    Brightness (Lumens) 850

    Your Price: $12.99
    N2040.103 Learn More
  10. TCP 5w 27K G25

    TCP 5W 2700K G25 Globe LED Light Bulb

    Brightness (Lumens) 350

    Your Price: $4.75
    N2020.101 Learn More

Grid List

Set Descending Direction

1-10 of 14

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