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ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulbs will help reduce your utility bills and benefit the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity production.

Help reduce water usage without sacrificing performance with our wide range of showerheads, tub spouts, aerators and more.

Wi-Fi thermostats are the next evolution of heating and cooling control in your home. They can control your heating and cooling while away, you can use apps to monitor your energy usage and your savings and some even play music.


To order through this online store you must be a residential customer of PSEG Long Island with a delivery address within PSEG Long Island's service territory. Eligible customers may order up to 20 LED light bulbs and 2 advanced power strips at rebated prices per program year. All orders ship within 1 to 3 weeks from purchase. You will need your residential electric utility account number to complete your order. This product offering is intended solely as a benefit to PSEG Long Island customers. PSEG Long Island receives no revenue relating to product sales.