Thermostat Buyer's Guide

Thermostat Buyer's Guide

What Makes Smart Thermostats So Smart?

Smart thermostats are loaded with features that make it easy to save energy and money. They eliminate confusing programming, adapt to your preferred heating and cooling schedule, can be controlled from anywhere using a smart phone, and so much more...

Smart Thermostat Features

Many of our smart thermostats share the following features. You can learn more about the specifics of each thermostat in the chart below or on the associated product page.

Learning Ability:
Thermostats with learning ability will automatically adjust settings based on your personal preferences and schedule, resulting in increased savings over time.

Occupancy Sensing:
Thermostats with occupancy sensing technology go into an energy-saving mode when no one is present, so you never have to worry about turning the thermostat down when you leave. Occupancy sensors may be integrated or separate, depending on the model.

Geofencing uses your connected smartphone to determine your location and make thermostat adjustments accordingly. When you are away,, energy-saving mode is enabled. When you return, your thermostat turns back up.

Smart Sensors:
Remote temperature sensors allow the thermostat to determine the temperature in the rooms where the sensors are placed, not just where the thermostat is located. This helps customize comfort in every room. Smart sensors are sold separately, but are included with some models.

App Alerts:
When connected to a thermostat's app, you can get helpful reminders and alerts sent to your phone. Get reminded when it's time to replace your furnace filters or get notified when extreme temperatures are sensed, indicating your furnace may be malfunctioning.

Energy Reports:
Energy usage reports show you how much energy you've used and teach you how to use less.

ENERGY STAR thermostats have been independently certified to deliver energy savings. These are the smartest of the Wi-Fi thermostats available and include top-of-the-line features to help you manage your energy use.

How Do Smart Thermostats Help Save?

Smart thermostats help you lower your energy needs, which saves you money and decreases your environmental impact.

Use 15% Less Energy
According to the Department of Energy, when programmed properly, a smart thermostat can reduce energy use from 5%-15% per year. Simply program your thermostat to adjust automatically during specific times such as at night when you sleep or during the day while you are at work.

Save $180 A Year
ENERGY STAR© estimates the average U.S. homeowner can save up to $180 per year by programming their thermostat properly. Those savings really add up, and smart thermostats make it so easy!


Smart Thermostats Return Policy

Smart thermostats must be compatible with your existing heating system to install and use. Please check to see if your heating system is compatible before purchasing and opening.

Energy Federation Inc. does not accept returns on opened smart thermostats.
Energy Federation Inc. is happy to accept returns on unopened smart thermostats within 30 days of delivery.
If a return is needed on a thermostat bundle, you must return BOTH products. No returns will be accepted if either of the products is missing.

Google Nest LearningGoogle Nestecobee SmartThermostatecobee3 liteHoneywell T5
System Compatibility Check Here Check Here Check Here Check Here Check Here
MSRP $249 $129.99 $249 $169 $119
Wi-Fi Enabled Y Y Y Y Y
Geofencing Y Y Y Y Y
Learns User Habits Y Y
Built in Voice Control Y
Works w/ Sensors Y Y Y
Sensors Included Y
Auto Away Y Y Y Y
Adjustable Schedule Y Y Y Y Y
Maintenance Alerts Y Y Y Y Y
Mobile App Y Y Y Y Y
Warranty 2 Years 1 Year 3 Year 3 Years 2 Years

Regular Price: $169.00

Price After Utility Rebate: $99.00

The Emerson Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat has a modern design and several advanced features to make consistent comfort and energy savings easy. It offers a large, touchscreen display, remote access from anywhere, seamless smart device integration, and easy installation.

- The geofencing feature uses your smartphone location to automatically adjust the temperature
- Sends phone alerts if extreme temperature or humidity changes are detected
- Automatic upgrades keep thermostat software up to date
- Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings

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Regular Price: $125.00

Price After Utility Rebate: $55.00

R5000.46 Learn More

Regular Price: $249.00

Price After Utility Rebate: $149.00

Equipped with Amazon Alexa and a SmartSensor, the ecobee SmartThermostat has all you need to take charge of your home comfort and energy bills.

  • Creates an automatic heating/cooling schedule
  • Control and monitor home temperature from anywhere
  • 1 SmartSensor included to manage hot and cold spots
  • Built in Amazon Alexa for voice control
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Regular Price: $169.00

Price After Utility Rebate: $109.00

R5000.45 Learn More

Regular Price: $289.00

Price After Utility Rebate: $99.00

Google Nest's 3rd generation Learning Thermostat learns your schedule to program itself, turns itself down when you are away and lets you change the temperature from your phone.

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Regular Price: $169.00

Price After Utility Rebate: $99.00

The ecobee3 Lite Thermostat is packed with smart features to help you take charge of your home comfort and energy bills. It learns your schedule and programs itself, turns itself down when you are away, and offers advanced reporting to help you save money.

  • Creates automatic heating/cooling schedule
  • Control and monitor home temperature from anywhere
  • Pairs with ecobee SmartSensors (sold separately)
  • Works with Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
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Regular Price: $119.00

Price After Utility Rebate: $59.50

The Honeywell Home Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat allows you to take comfort knowing your home temperature will always be just how you like it. Its easy to install and use and conveniently fits in with your lifestyle.

  • Uses geofencing technology to make automatic¬† temperature adjustments when you are on your way home
  • Control from anywhere by smartphone or tablet with a simple app
  • Push notifications remind you to change your filter and warn you of extreme indoor temperatures.
  • Works with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo
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