TrickleStar 7-Outlet Tier II Advanced Power Strip

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This advanced power strip senses motion and remote control signals, effortlessly saving energy by removing power from selected outlets when they are not in use or when there is no one in the room. This 7-outlet model offers 2 always-on outlets, 1 master outlet, and 4 controlled outlets controlled by the master outlet.

  • A simple, automated way to reduce energy waste and save money

  • Works with sensors and timer to automatically power off outlets when no activity is present

  • Offers 1.080 Joules premium fireproof surge protection

  • Ideal for TV and computer setups

  • 4 foot heavy-duty cord with space-saving, angled plug

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Product Features

Effortless, Advanced Energy Savings

The multi-sensing advanced power strip works in two ways to help you save energy and money.

As with other advanced power strips, when the device that is plugged into the master outlet is turned off, the controlled outlets will turn off to reduce standby power.

Added sensors in this power strip deliver additional energy savings. When no motion or IR remote control signals (those used to control a TV, DVD, or surround-sound system) are detected for 75 minutes, the power strip will automatically turn your master and controlled outlets off.

Protects Your Electronics

TrickleStar Advanced Power Strips offer premium, fireproof surge protection to safeguard your plugged-in electronics from damaging voltage spikes.

About the 7 Outlets

This 7-outlet model offers:

  • 2 always-on outlets for devices that you do not want turning off automatically
  • 1 master outlet
  • 4 controlled outlets controlled by the master outlet

How it Works

How motion and remote control sensing advanced power strip works

During the countdown period, if the sensor doesn’t detect remote activity or motion, or if the TV or PC is turned off, the electronics plugged into the switched outlets will automatically turn off.

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Part # R7005.615
Manufacturer Model 188LV-US-7XX-MS
Current Sensing Yes
Infrared Sensing Yes
Motion Sensing Yes
Total Outlets 7
APS Category Tier 2
Surge Protection 72,000 amps
Annual Savings (kWh) 346
Annual Savings (Dollars) 41.86
Lifetime Savings (kWh) 1038
Lifetime Savings (Dollars) 125.59

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