TrickleStar APS+ (incented)

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Infrared-sensing 7 outlet avanced power strip.

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This advanced multi-sensing power strip senses remote control signals, motion,along with load sensing. As with other advanced power strips when the device that is plugged into the master outlet is turned off, the devices that are plugged into the switched outlets will also turn off - automatically. What makes this different, is that when no IR remote control signals (such as those used to control a TV, DVD, or surround-sound system) are detected in the area in front of the TV, the internal count timer in this advanced power strip will switch off the TV and peripheral devices, delivering additional savings. The power strip contains 7 outlets, consisting of 2 always on outlets, 4 switched outlets, and 1 master current-sensing outlet, along with the IR Remote control sensor. The always on devices remain on regardless of IR remote control activity or whether the device on the master outlet is on or off.

This advanced power strip also provides surge suppression, protecting connected TV or Home Theater equipment against threats like power surges and voltage spikes. It has a resettable 15 amp. circuit breaker and LEDs light indicator.



Part # R7005.615
Manufacturer Model 188LV-US-7XX-MS
Current Sensing Yes
Infrared Sensing Yes
Motion Sensing Yes
Total Outlets 7
APS Category Tier 2
Surge Protection 72,000 amps
Annual Savings (kWh) 346
Annual Savings (Dollars) 41.86
Lifetime Savings (kWh) 1038
Lifetime Savings (Dollars) 125.59

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