UGI South and UGI North are subsets of UGI Utilities Inc. which operates as a regulated utility doing business in the state of Pennsylvania. UGI South launched its Save Smart Energy Efficiency Rebate Program on January 1, 2017. UGI North launched their program on January 1, 2018.

These programs offer rebates to residential and small commercial customers for a wide variety of energy efficiency products.  For additional rebate information please visit


Established in 1982, Energy Federation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Massachusetts working to accelerate the adoption of energy efficient products, largely through initiatives done in conjunction with natural gas and electric throughout North America. 

The UGI Save Smart Program is available to existing and new UGI gas customers in Pennsylvania with a rate class of R, RT, N and NT. UGI gas customers in Maryland are currently not eligible. If you have any questions please email All Offers are subject to change.