About Us

Energy Federation, Inc. (EFI) was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1982 as a 501(c)(4) organization with the purpose of providing quality affordable conservation products to the public and assisting them in using energy resources efficiently. EFI has been engaged in both the sales of energy efficient products and the provision of incentive processing services for gas and electric utility clients throughout the United States since 1987, delivering both economic and environmental societal benefits.  

EFI has helped numerous electric and gas utilities plan and implement hundreds of successful rebate, kit, and eCommerce programs; accelerating the adoption of energy efficiency-related technologies. We have processed incentives for more than 200 million energy efficient and renewable energy products and measures, ranging from CFL and LED light bulbs, showerheads and thermostats, to high efficiency HVAC equipment and solar photovoltaic systems. In the past five years alone, EFI has distributed well in excess of $30 million worth of energy efficiency products through kit offers, food bank distribution programs, and eCommerce initiatives, and issued rebate payments of more than $1 billion on behalf of our clients.

EFI's current utility-sponsored eCommerce programs are available to 27 million gas and electric utility customers in 26 states, supported by EFI's three office and warehouse facilities in Massachusetts and Wisconsin.