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Evolve Tub Spout with Showerhead and Showerstart

Evolve Tub Spout with Showerhead and Showerstart

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Estimated Savings (electric hot water): 121 kWh annually
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Revive your combination tub/shower enclosure with this forward-thinking tub spout and showerhead system.

Turn on the hot water, when hot water arrives the flow will be diverted from the tub spout to the showerhead, but limited to a trickle. Simply pull the cord on the showerhead when you are ready to step in to activate normal flow. Because the system warms your shower by first running water through the tub spout, you'll greatly reduces warm-up waits. Not only will your hot water arrive up to 2X faster, but the increased velocity actually decreases the volume of cold water that must be purged before hot water arrives by up to 50%. For those times when you'd prefer a bath instead of a shower, simply push the lever to bypass the AUTO-DIVERT and allow the warm water flow to fill the tub.

  • Integrated ShowerStart TSV (Thermostatic Shut-Off Valve)
  • Prevents unintended hot water use during shower warm-up
  • Reduces warm-up waits by increasing hot water delivery speeds
  • Automatically diverts hot water to the showerhead once it arrives
  • Showerhead trickles until user pulls cord and begins showering
  • Anti-leak tub spout design
  • Integrated bypasses for taking a bath
  • Includes WaterSense showerhead
  • Polished chrome finish
  • For use in homes with static water pressures > 35 psi
  • Not compatible with with wall-mounted diverters
  • 3 year warranty


Part # N3000.99
Manufacturer Model EV3312-CP150-SB
Length (Inches) No
Width (Inches) No
Depth (Inches) No
Warranty (Years) 3