Frost King 1/2 x 36 Inch Foam Pipe Insulation 4-Pack

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Insulating domestic hot water pipes is one of the easiest and most cost effective measures you can do. The cost of this pipe insulation is only $0.27 per foot. Savings will depend on heating fuel (see below), but in all cases the payback is well within one year.

  • Annual Savings (Oil Heat @ $1.10/gallon): $0.56 per foot
  • Annual Savings (Natural Gas @ $0.75/therm): $0.54 per foot
  • Annual Savings (Electricity $0.10/kWh): $1.16 per foot

  • (source: All About Insulation, Massachusetts Audubon Society, 1986, p 18)

    Tube pipe insulation may be used on domestic cold and hot water pipes. Pipe insulation will help to reduce heat loss by up to 80 percent through hot water pipes and will stop sweating on cold water pipes. Pipe insulation can also help reduce plumbing noise. It is pre-slit for easy installation (simply snapping onto the pipe), and may be trimmed with a utility knife. One package includes four 36 inch long pieces, with this 1/2 inch ID (inside diameter) tube suitable for use on 1/2" copper tubing, 3/8" PVC pipe, and 3/8" steel pipe.

    • R-Value: 2.2
    • Packaging: Plastic Bag
    • Wall Thickness: 3/8 inch



    Part # 4000.032
    Manufacturer Model P10X
    Brand No
    Case Quantity No
    Pallet Quantity No
    Hazmat No
    Size No
    (Old) CFM No
    CFM No
    Battery Life (Hours) No
    Temperature Range (Celsius) No
    Sensitivity (Celsius) No
    (Old) Resolution No
    Resolution No
    Lap Siding No
    One Coat Stucco No
    Three Coat Stucco No
    Lifetime No
    Dimensions No
    Length (Inches) 144
    Width (Inches) 0.5
    Depth (Inches) 0.375
    EIFS No
    Tools Included No
    (Old) Tank Size No
    Tank Size No
    Pickup Type No
    Warranty (Years) No