Smart Plugs

Purchase limit: 6 smart plus per lifetime of customer account

Regular Price: $14.99

Your Price with SMECO Rebate: $9.99

This Wi-Fi enabled smart plug turns any device into a smart device. Use the app to turn devices on or off or set schedules from anywhere, or pair with a smart speaker to control with your voice.

  • Ideal for home appliances and lights
  • Control devices from anywhere using the app
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts
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By registering for the SMECO Online Store you certify that you are a SMECO residential customer-member and will install the items you purchase in your home. Eligible customer-members may order up to 24 LED lighting products per calendar year, 3 smart thermostats over the lifetime of the program, 2 advanced power strips per calendar year, 2 dehumidifiers or 3 air purifiers per calendar year, 2 aerators and 2 shower heads per calendar year, and 6 controls and 6 smart plugs over the lifetime of the program. Targeted customer-members may be eligible for an incentivized Energy Efficiency Kit. Purchases totaling $35.00 or more receive free shipping.

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